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The analytic resources available to Health and Performance Resources (HPR) bring together essential components of the healthcare data management puzzle to guide assessment, intervention and engagement initiatives. The HPR Analytics methodology emphasizes a population health approach while utilizing household-level data to provide a proprietary model for understanding and influencing defined populations. The HPR model delivers comprehensive population health assessments with the detailed patient, employee and consumer data necessary to support deeper understandings of targeted populations.


HPR and its partners provide clients access to critical information for the vast majority of households and consumers within the United States. The Life Circumstances Intelligence as well as the Context Group, Context Segment and Engagement Segment assignments that HPR provides include: demographic, psychographic, communication and personal interest metrics at the household and consumer levels. These data supplement the information included in patient records and standard demographic reports. The PRA Model allows HPR to estimate on an authoritative basis the disease prevalence/incidence and service utilization for defined patient populations.


The HPR assessment, health data and strategic planning services described below reflect the full application of HPR Analytics and 25 year of advisory service experience that positions the firm to address the needs and challenges of client organizations.


  • Population Health Assessment Services
    • Health Market Profiling
    • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
    • Patient Management Support
    • Employee Health Strategy
    • Health Risk Analysis
    • Health Services Demand Analysis
    • Consumer Engagement Strategy
  • Health Data Services
  • Strategic Planning Support


For additional information, download the follow documents from the Resources page: