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About Us

Health and Performance Resources (HPR) is a healthcare consulting firm that provides the data resources and analytics needed to understand

and influence health and social behavior.  HPR data management capabilities provide a roadmap to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, allowing healthcare organizations, employers and insurers to discover new paths to greater market insights, competitive advantages, and

improved patient management.


Our Work

Health and Performance Resources specializes in population assessment and consulting services that help healthcare organizations compete in a rapidly changing environment. Supported by national consumer data resources, proprietary analytics and an experienced team of advisors, HPR brings together the pieces of the healthcare data puzzle—maximizing the impact of client resources by allowing:

  • Deeper understanding of target populations
  • Greater insights for better decision-making
  • Increased quality of care and lower costs of care
  • Enhanced ability to address service needs and gaps
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Efficient patient management


Our Clients

For 25 years, Health and Performance Resources has listed regional and national clients in addressing the challenges of the healthcare environment. HPR clients have included large and small healthcare providers, health insurers and managed care plans, as well as health informatics organizations. HPR has provided the market intelligence needed to improve performance and capitalize on market opportunities. The HPR analytic resources that comprise HPR Analytics support the solutions of several strategic partner organizations that provide informatics and planning services on a national scale. The services that HPR provides to its clients and partners are structured to best address the needs of all parties. Client references are available upon request.


Our Expertise

Even small improvements in health outcomes can provide important savings for healthcare providers, insurers and service organizations. With proprietary tools, national service capacity, and a talented professional team, HPR serves clients with population health, patient management, and consumer engagement challenges. HPR Advisors assist client organizations with a wide range of critical research, assessment and strategic planning needs. HPR routinely supports patient and consumer intervention projects as well as communication and engagement initiatives focused
on carefully targeted populations and population segments.


Important HPR capabilities include:

  • Population health assessment
  • Target population identification and profiling
  • Prospective health risk analysis
  • Health services demand modeling
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Life-circumstance intelligence

Our Approach

HPR Analytics bring clarity, continuity and cohesion to population health data management and analysis by delivering in-depth insights into the life circumstances of patient, employee and consumer populations. Population assessments at HPR begin with individual consumers, health plan members, employees, or patients whose data is aggregated to create households, population groups, HPR Context Groups and Context Segments, and ultimately, defined populations.


HPR integrates patient, employee and consumer data within proprietary analytic models for population assessment, segmentation analysis, communication analysis and health risk projections. These capabilities allow clients to implement better informed and more efficient assessments and interventions. Patient, employee and consumer engagement initiatives are able to address every member of the care continuum—from healthcare providers and insurers to patients, patient families and patient support networks.


Leadership Group

HPR Senior Advisors routinely apply decades of strategic healthcare and tactical consulting experience to client organizations and strategic partners.


  • Paul O. Russell, Jr., M.B.A.—Senior Advisor, President
  • Richard K. Thomas, Ph.D.—Senior Advisor, Vice President
  • Michael Calhoun—Senior Advisor, Communications
  • Marvin Cobern—Senior Advisor, Managed Healthcare
  • David E. Deaderick, M.B.A.—Senior Advisor, Employee Health
  • Reece Dike—Senior Advisor, Information Management


For more than 25 years the HPR leadership group has advised clients on important healthcare marketing, development, communication and consumer engagement issues at both a strategic and tactical level. HPR has supported client initiatives to address the health related challenges
of both consumers and employees.